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February 3rd, 2012
09:40 pm


Waxing Gibbous

... and if you've ever had your Gibbous waxed, you know how painful that can be! ;oD

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January 30th, 2012
05:27 pm


Testing... 1... 2... 3... Is this thing on/
I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please! Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!

Current Mood: curiouscurious

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May 23rd, 2011
04:17 pm


A Stitch in Time ...
I've started playing around with a new photo editing technique... stitched panoramas... and we had a workshop this past weekend at one of the camera clubs I belong to.

Here are a couple of the images that resulted from my efforts:

A stand of cactus, stitched from a series of 5 frames (shot as verticals).

A rosebed, stitched from a series of 8 images.

Shot at the rose & cactus garden in Balboa Park.

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12:33 pm


Who knew???
Well, sonovabitch...

All these years, we've been tying our shoes wrong!

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February 9th, 2011
09:28 pm


Some more shots from Pelican Point
A few more shots:

Here be birdies!Collapse )

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February 8th, 2011
01:27 pm


Getting Up Early is for the Birds!
... and that's one of the few reasons I will get myself up at 0-dark-thirty... to get into position to get some bird pictures when the first morning light hits the rocky point where they hang out.

Here are a few from a camera club shoot this morning:

A Pelican coming in for a landing

More birdies behind the cutCollapse )

Current Mood: awake

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February 1st, 2011
11:53 am


$#!t I've actually heard people say...
Inspired by a recent post about overhearing funny things by pasticcio, I thought I'd toss a few things that I've overheard over the years onto the table...

Scene: Men's restroom at a club where we were holding our company Christmas party

Guy #1: "Who'd you come with?"
Guy #2: "Nobody yet, but the night's young."

Scene: A restaurant where a group at at computer conference were having dinner

Woman: "Since four of us are having wine, maybe we should get a giraffe of wine."
(Yes... she was blonde...)

Scene: A college political science class

Professor: (Handing out the first of his weekly exams) "We're having a little quizzie today!"
Coed: (Flipping through the several pages of the over 100-question "quiz") "If this is one of your 'quizzies', I'd hate to see one of your 'testies'!"

... the next 5 minutes of class was consumed by much laughter and watching her turn various shades of red...

Current Mood: amusedamused
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09:02 am


Woo Hoo!
Cool! It's my year! ;)

Current Mood: sillysilly

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January 17th, 2011
01:50 pm


In Honor of Martin Luther King day
As we celebrate the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his struggle to make equality a reality, it's a good time to read (or re-read) and reflect upon his words.

I'm sure we're all familiar with his iconic "I have a dream" speech, but another example of his work from the early days of the Civil Rights movement is equally as important.

In April, 1963, from a jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama where he was in custody for his participation in non-violent protests, Reverend King penned a letter to his fellow clergymen explaining his cause and seeking their support.

Letter from a Birmingham Jail
The eloquence and grace of his words are inspiring.

An excerpt:
... I have no fear about the outcome of our struggle in Birmingham, even if our motives are at present misunderstood. We will reach the goal of freedom in Birmingham and all over the nation, because the goal of America is freedom. Abused and scorned though we may be, our destiny is tied up with America's destiny. Before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth, we were here. Before the pen of Jefferson etched the majestic words of the Declaration of Independence across the pages of history, we were here. For more than two centuries our forebears labored in this country without wages; they made cotton king; they built the homes of their masters while suffering gross injustice and shameful humiliation -and yet out of a bottomless vitality they continued to thrive and develop. If the inexpressible cruelties of slavery could not stop us, the opposition we now face will surely fail. We will win our freedom because the sacred heritage of our nation and the eternal will of God are embodied in our echoing demands...

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

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January 1st, 2011
03:30 pm


Geek Clock

Current Mood: amusedamused

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